“Why should I trust you?”

Just yesterday while checking emails I
got asked:

“Why should I trust you?”

A few minutes later, a message came in
from a person so hungry to change their
life that they were willing to put their
house on the line to work with me.

Not 30 minutes later …

I got a message from someone who was, at
a time working 1 on 1 with who decided
to give up (in my opinion) a little too
soon, only to tell me about, you guess
it …

About another great new business they
wanted me to look at that launches next

Yet here I am.

Doing the same things I’ve done since

Getting the same results. For the back
story go to:


If that doesn’t sum up the home business
industry then I don’t know what does.

At first glance these happenings appear
totally unrelated, but there is a secret
hidden behind them that if understood .
. .

The ONE pink elephant in the room of the
home business industry that no one ever
talks about is that no one trusts

For the most part, most would be home
business entrepreneurs have “tried” so
many businesses, systems, and tactics,
that they’re in a total state of

They’ve shut down.

Emotionally …

They feel slighted, they feel used, yet

At the same time they feel desperate to

Stop and think about THAT a second.

That’s a lot going on in a person’s head
ALL at once.

Conflict, a lack of focus, lots of fear,
and mental paralysis.

It’s not that much different than …

A puppy would act if you fed him and
scolded him simultaneously.

After a period of time, the poor puppy
doesn’t know what to think or do.

(HINT: That “might” be how some your
prospects look at you.)

What happens to people in this industry
over and over again?

Someone says:

“Hey buddy, we got the best biz on the
planet. Join us and we’ll take care of

The would be entrepreneur says to

“That guy seems nice, he’s got a great
product, he seems to have it all figured
out, and you sure can make a lot in the
business. I think I’ll give it shot.”

The entrepreneur jumps in, then is told
to call leads and immediately feels the
constant cold sting of rejection.

Next, our entrepreneur friend is told to
go to all the company gatherings where
everyone’s happy, positive, and excited
about everything.

Optimism regained.

Back home again …

Our friend hits the phones for more
rejection while his pocket’s bleed of
cash with no praise and no profits.

It’s an emotional roller coaster.

Eventually he gives up.

He just can’t take it.

And …

Clearly, that business wasn’t all it was
cracked up to be.

What happens next?

Someone else, another opportunity,
presents our entrepreneur with another
great opportunity.

A PURE winner.

Our eternally optimistic entrepreneur
jumps in (this one has to be better than
the last), then …

A few months later the same exact fate
befalls him.

Eventually our would be entrepreneur,
get’s understandably gets hardened,

For 99.9% of us …

That’s what we go all go through, until

Something changes.

But what?

Remember, I told you about the three
different messages I got yesterday?

Can you spot the stages each person is

I can.

I can’t fault the guy that doesn’t trust
me for not trusting me.

He’s probably been burned so many times
all he knows is fear, anger, and
distrust, but that does raise an
interesting question . . .

“Why would he be reading my emails?”

After all, he’s not getting them by

He had to proactively opt in, become a
subscriber, read a few issues, and then
start to complain.

(Hmmm . . .)

Why did my “business musical chairs”
friend tell me about yet another one of
her new great opportunities?

Why was the third person dying so bad to
be part of my team?

Understand this:

No matter how many times a person’s been
burned …

No matter how many times a person comes
to you with a new opportunity for you to
look at …

No matter how many people are willing to
mortgage their house to join in business
with you . . .

On thing remains true.

The desire for more.

The fire that was originally ignited
never goes out.

Once a wealth seeker always a wealth

What changes a wealth seeker to a wealth

Instead of looking outwards for the
answer, you start to look inside and ask

But to be pragmatic about it.

Do the opposite.

If you’ve been in more than a few
businesses, then maybe …

Committing to one biz for the next five
years may be your answer.

If you’ve always followed the advice of
your sponsor as doctrine, then maybe …

NOT doing that anymore is the answer.

If you’ve been buying and calling leads
and it’s not working, then just maybe

NOT calling leads and instead giving
this a try is the answer:


To the top,



How I built a team from scratch to 8,047 in 14 months

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To the top,


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“Thank God For You!”

I am new to network marketing, and
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Thank you and I thank God for putting
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To your success,

Harry Bhanot


Chapter 1: Why Reading This Might Make You Dumber (1 of 5) – Revised

Wanna know the dumbest thing I’ve ever
done with my online biz?

I’d probably been online for about a
year at that point, and thats when I
started making some really bad

Like one time, I took all my money out
of savings and put it into this online
currency called eGold to invest in this
thing called a HYIP.

It promised 8% per day return and it
was just TOO good to resist.

And if that wasn’t enough …

I was burning through AT LEAST another
$500 per month on credit cards buying
leads to “recruit” into some biz opp.

I was an idiot.

It’s no surprise that a few months down
the road I was teetering on the verge of
personal and professional disaster.

My relationship with my father …


My girlfriend of 3 years …

Walked out on me.

All the money I had transferred from
savings to eGold …


I had over $7,000 in credit card debt
that I had no way to pay it back.

No money.

No family.

No support.

And I had no one to blame but myself.

How had I been such a sucker?

Then …

One day I saw this subject line in
my email inbox:

“Daegan you can make a living online.”

“Yeah right – Another lie.” I thought.

I wanted to throw my computer out of the
window, but …

In a moment of clarity, I realized I
couldn’t because it was my work computer
and …

The ONLY thing I did have left was my
job (even though I despised it).

So I figured ..

“What’s one more bad decision at this
point?” and opened the email.

Inside I see an ad for a $500 course.

Ever gullible …

I clinched my jaw, typed in my credit
card number, and “poofed” away another
$500 into oblivion.

Somewhere in the middle of that $500
course is where I found it something.

Sitting there in plain sight.

One sentence is really all it was.

Within 3 months of reading it, I had not
only replaced my income from my full
time job, but somehow …

I had rekindled my relationship with my

I found and started a new relationship
with the woman I am now married to.

Instead of having multiple streams of
debt, I had an average of 5 – 9
checks hitting my mailbox a month.

I eliminated my credit card debt.

And somehow I had gone from being an
isolated looser to being heralded as a
leader and an inspiration.

This one sentence is all it took.

Tomorrow I’ll share it with you.



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