Chapter 1: Why Reading This Might Make You Dumber (1 of 5) – Revised

Wanna know the dumbest thing I’ve ever
done with my online biz?

I’d probably been online for about a
year at that point, and thats when I
started making some really bad

Like one time, I took all my money out
of savings and put it into this online
currency called eGold to invest in this
thing called a HYIP.

It promised 8% per day return and it
was just TOO good to resist.

And if that wasn’t enough …

I was burning through AT LEAST another
$500 per month on credit cards buying
leads to “recruit” into some biz opp.

I was an idiot.

It’s no surprise that a few months down
the road I was teetering on the verge of
personal and professional disaster.

My relationship with my father …


My girlfriend of 3 years …

Walked out on me.

All the money I had transferred from
savings to eGold …


I had over $7,000 in credit card debt
that I had no way to pay it back.

No money.

No family.

No support.

And I had no one to blame but myself.

How had I been such a sucker?

Then …

One day I saw this subject line in
my email inbox:

“Daegan you can make a living online.”

“Yeah right – Another lie.” I thought.

I wanted to throw my computer out of the
window, but …

In a moment of clarity, I realized I
couldn’t because it was my work computer
and …

The ONLY thing I did have left was my
job (even though I despised it).

So I figured ..

“What’s one more bad decision at this
point?” and opened the email.

Inside I see an ad for a $500 course.

Ever gullible …

I clinched my jaw, typed in my credit
card number, and “poofed” away another
$500 into oblivion.

Somewhere in the middle of that $500
course is where I found it something.

Sitting there in plain sight.

One sentence is really all it was.

Within 3 months of reading it, I had not
only replaced my income from my full
time job, but somehow …

I had rekindled my relationship with my

I found and started a new relationship
with the woman I am now married to.

Instead of having multiple streams of
debt, I had an average of 5 – 9
checks hitting my mailbox a month.

I eliminated my credit card debt.

And somehow I had gone from being an
isolated looser to being heralded as a
leader and an inspiration.

This one sentence is all it took.

Tomorrow I’ll share it with you.



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