Buying Happiness…

In the shower this morning, I started
thinking about that old saying …

“Money can’t buy happiness.”

And I wondered …

Why would anyone say or believe
something like that?

Now, I don’t think that money itself
produces eternal joy or anything like

After all …

Look at any of the countless tales of
despair attached to winners of those
mega millions lotteries over the years.

Littered amongst them you’ll find
heightened levels of greed, gluttony,
powerful jealousy, and colors of the
rainbow of sin, and they ALL tend to
result in less than positive outcomes,
but …

I do believe that you unequivocally CAN
buy happiness.

Let me tell you why …

I can remember one time, as a awkward
and chunky kid sporting my fresh new
high top fade, walking to assembly about
two months into the scholastic year.

The walk itself was hilly and probably a
little shy of a half mile.

We held our Monday morning assemblies in
the school gym which was detached from
our main school, so we walked.

Rain, sleet or snow … we walked.

About half way through the walk where it
started to get really hilly I could hear
Rich, an eighth grader, behind me say

“Daegan, why are your legs so skinny,
but you have boobs like a girl?”

Having no answer to that question, I
felt it’s sting to my core. I simply put
my head down and continued up the hill.

I had little kiddy man boobs which I
carried with me until the age of … I
don’t know, let’s say 30.

As you can probably imagine I was always
self conscious about taking my shirt

Having boobs and being a boy ain’t all
it’s cracked up to be.

Now, by the age of about 25 I weight
about 235 pounds, had a body fat
percentage of about 7%, and could bench
press 430 pounds for 3 sets of six, and
guess what?

I still had those pesky boobs.

So god knows I tried to get rid of those
bad boys through discipline and sweat,
thats why …

When I see all those eBooks claiming
they “cure” man boobs I get pissed.

It’s horse shit.

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that
can only be solved by one thing.


Last year I bought myself a present.

You guessed it …

A boob job.

And I can tell you flat out, it was THE
best $8,000 I’ve ever spent.

I am happier.

Example #2:

I don’t know ….

Call me crazy, but I love buying my
Grandma stuff.

This Christmas I bought her a brand new
big ass LED TV for her and my
Grandfather to enjoy.

It was delivered a few days ago, and
just imagining them sitting there
enjoying their new TV puts a big’ol
smile on my face.

Buying stuff for people I care about
makes me happy.

Now, here’s one more reason why I think
you CAN and in fact SHOULD buy

Yesterday, I shared the story with you
about how I got started online.

Well …

What I didn’t tell you, is that as soon
as I got home from that Holiday Inn,
like a crack fiend, I scoured the
internet for my second “fix” of how to
make money online.

I came across a book called “Google
Cash” written by a guy named Chris
Carpenter, and I can remember reading
the sales letter like 11 times.


Even though all the ideas about posting
links online and making $30,000 per
month were incredibly seductive. I mean

Heart racing.

Skin tingling.

“Ohh my gosh, I’m on the verge of
something HUGE ” seductive.

Every time …

I got to the part where it said “now
give me $67” and I’ll give you this book
I couldn’t do it.

I don’t know why.

Thinking back, I was SO nieve back then.

I couldn’t get my head around spending
$67 on some eBook.

“The audacity of this guy Chris to ask
me for that kind of money.”

Somehow, I finally clinched my jaw,
pulled out the credit card and did the

And …

Just like with heroin, it’s NOT the
first hit that gets you, it’s the

An internet addict was born.

Unlike a heroin addiction though …

This addiction is about the ONLY purely
positive addiction I can think of, but I
digress …

It get’s better.

So, I’m out there buying everything I
can get my hands on, making a dollar
here, and a dollar there, but by no
means in profit, and then …

I get invited my, now, best selling
author of the “Unemployed Millionaire”,
Matt Morris to go to my first marketing

It was here in Washington DC.

It was a buddy ticket, but still …

It cost me $800 which I was teetering
back and fourth on whether or not it was
a smart of dumb use of my dough until I
got there.

Being there, changed my life for three
reasons which I’ll get to in a minute.

I remember I was SO nervous when I went
to go pick up Matt at the hotel that
first morning.

He flew in from Texas, and the least I
could do was give him a ride to the big
show being a townee and all, well …

We valet the car, and I immediately
start feeling shaky and cold.

So Nervous.

“Who am I? I’m not making money, this
Matt, he’s a millionaire and all these
people I’m seeing … Wow they’re the
gurus I see online, but who am I? I
don’t deserve to be here.”

Time passes.

We go out to dinner the first night, and
I can remember sitting there at dinner
with Tellman Knudson who had just
cracked his first $800,000 year (I
remember because ALL that he spoke
about.), and …

A few people down at the table, was my
now buddy and college wresting comrade
Russell Brunson (I guarantee he doesn’t
remember that dinner at the Capital
Grill, but I remember, I even remember
he got a steak sandwich or something
like that).

Although he hadn’t made 8 figures in a
year at that point, he was still A guy
who was all over the internet, one year
older than me, and making millions, and
there I am …

Because I bought an $800 ticket to an
event eating dinner with them.

So exciting.

Here’s what that did to me, and you’ll
find the same thing happen to you the
first event you go to …

It made the idea of success real.

These people I saw online all over the
place were now very real.

Not better than me, just slightly ahead
of the curve on me.

If not for that event and these
experiences at that event, my belief
that I could do it myself would never
have developed.

(BTW – shoot me a FB message and I’ll
let you know what events I’m headed to
first quarter this year if you’re

Now, by the second day I’m having the
time of my life.

Every single presenter was dropping
marketing knowledge atomic bombs.

I’m sitting in the front row with Matt
in the VIP section (because he’s a VIP)
and …

I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

I’m having the time of my life.

Then it happened.

A guy a little shorter than me from
Texas that spoke kinda funny gets up on
stage and starts talking.

My ears perk up like I dog trying to
hear something it can’t see.

To this day …

I still have the NOTES I took that day
from that presentation on my desk right
here beside me.

Of course, they’re old and some of the
pages are torn, but man ohh man are
those notes a gold mine.

This guy who calls himself “The King Of
Let’em Come to You!”

He starts his presentation off by
explaining that he’d been a direct
response marketer for many years, and

Just 19 months ago he started a brand
new information marketing business from
scratch with …

Literally no money invested, no
customers, no lists, no joint venture
partners, no merchant account, no
nothin, and in that time he developed
that simple idea into a million dollar

I can remember vividly thinking to
myself …

“How awesome. What freedom he must feel
to command such a power. What leverage.
19 months to $1 Million per year. Wow.”

(Sidenote: I’ve since beaten that record
in taking Maximum Leverage from $0 to
$128,000 per month in just under 6

Naturally, I paid very close attention
to everything he said, and it didn’t
hurt that he started saying things that
make a LOT of sense to me like …

“I’m in the business of getting and
keeping money.”

Then he shared that everything that he
did to create that level of success in
his business was preplanned before he
ever sent a single email.

Next, he laid out a timeline that showed
exactly where he started and brought us
up to current.

May 23rd, 2004 – First email sent

June 10th, 2004 – First check $700.36

June 28th, 2004 – Second check $2,421.19

February 2006 – $87,945.28 in sales

Then he went on to show us exactly how
he had created his …

“Highly profitable, extremely
predictable, completely stable,
ulitimate lifestyle business.”

I bet your wondering what he shared …

I’ll give you a hint:

It had everything to do with what I’m
doing right now with you.

He had me hook line and sinker.

That presentation flat out changed my

I went home and immediately double my

He offered a full day consultation at
the end of his presentation for $10,000.

I’m so glad I had the courage to say

That day at the La Quinta in Austin,
spending time with someone FAR superior
to me at what I wanted to and would
eventually master …

“The Fine Art of Money Getting.”

Cost me $10,000 but has made me

He got the cheap end of the stick (even
though I went back the next year and did
it again.)

Paying for education has bought me a new
and better life.

It’s bought me freedom.

Freedom has brought me happiness, now

You tell me a way to get your man boobs
removed without paying a surgeon to do

I mean … You very well can’t cut
yourself open and rip those suckers out

And tell me you don’t love buying gifts
for your grandma and I tell you you’re a

You tell me how the heck you’re gonna to
learn to make millions online without
paying for the privilege to be able to
dig into the brains and experience of
someone who’s already where you want to

These are all things I’ve purchased

I bought them.

And, in the example of my education I’m
ALWAYS buying.

I have no ego about it.

Only excitement.

I love helping the economy by spending
my cash money on my education because I
learned a long time ago that …

There is no better deal on earth, and …

For one more other reason that you’d
don’t see on the surface …

When you spend large sums of legal
tender to better yourself you’re self
affirming that you you’re worth it, and
you know what?

You are.


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