My friend and successful mentor shared his struggling days..

Here's how it all went down ...

About a month after I had defined for
myself exactly what I would need in a
system to overcome my greatest weakness
- selling & in the midst of dealing with
the following question of ...

"Will I find such as system or have to
create one myself?"

I found the answer in the most unlikely
of places.

A forum.

There I was just checking in on gossip
and for some reason while reading a post
I decide to click on a signature file

There is was.

Everything I was looking for AND more.

Had I not, a month earlier, taken the
time to define exactly what I needed I
never would have seen this marketing
system and company attached to it as THE
system, but because I had I acted
without hesitation.

On the spot I join this biz opp.

Not knowing the sponsor I would have.

Not even really knowing the history
behind the company.

I'm in.

I didn't matter.

Now I'm left with the next task.

My core responsibility.

Quality traffic.

I go through all of my options.

Pay per click marketing.

Search engine optimization.

Article marketing.

Forum marketing.


And for each except one I find that
heading in that particular direction
isn't ideal.

Pay per click, too complicated.

Search engine optimization, too
complicated, too uncontrollable, and too

Article and forum marketing simply too

Solo ad marketing.

Paying to send email advertisements to
other peoples list for which they have a
relationship - perfect.

It's the fastest, most controllable, and
trackable choice, and it's simple -
hence duplicable.

I find a suitable list and pay to place
my first solo and now ladies and
gentlemen I'm at the point of truth.

Would all this surmising and deducing
proof accurate?

Would all this play out to plan?

After I place my ad I go ofter work to
await the answer.

When I arrive home that afternoon I have
77 leads and 7 people in my team.

If you can envision yourself in my shoes
on that most fateful of days you should
feel the joy welling up inside of
yourself upon the realization that now

At that very moment life was about to
change forever.

There I was for months spending hundreds
of my free hours putting my personal
life in jeopardy calling leads and
getting rejected with nothing to show
for it, and here ...

After spending 5 minutes to place a
simple ad "set and forget style" I come
home to recruits who have converted
themselves into my team.

I am brought to tears with joy.

After a week I have over 50 people I've

I shared exactly what I'm doing with my

The good the bad and the ugly and they
begin to duplicate.

After the first month I'm approaching
200 people on my team.

I've made my first $1,000+ and I'm
getting 5 checks per month.

My life is changing before my very eyes.

We grow so fast and so large so quickly
that I simply can't keep up with it.

I create a team distributor guide and
give it to all my new team members and
they use that for their core training
and start to again duplicate without me
being there.

I learn more about marketing and I turn
that team distributor guide my very
first product with the help of one of my
team members Jason and start to sell it
for $97.

People buy it.

First one copy a day then in not too
long I'm selling 3 or 4 a day.

I'm making thousands from my home biz
and I'm approaching 6 figures per year
from my own little product.

And because I start to build my own list
and master the fine art of daily emails
I start to double my rate of recruiting.

So that you don't miss this ...

The power of having a product that you
can profit 100% by is that it creates
immediate money and gives you full
financial leverage of every single
dollar earn.

This buys you extreme speed.

It's an advantage that cannot be left
out of the equation.

It's all happening SO fast.

Then one day when I fear being fired
from my job (why is a story for another
day) I decided to pop in one of my
favorite personal development CDs to
help put me in a more positive mental
state and I hear something I've heard
before but never really listen to.

That one word changes everything.

See ...

The one problem I was having was that I
could only duplicate so fast with my own
budget and it was slowing me down.

Then I hear the word ...


And it changes everything.

I see that if I start to have our entire
team pool their funds together then I
will have the power to advertise on a
MUCH higher level and I'll have the
ability to buy traffic in bulk.

The benefits of running a co-op went far
past just that.

Once I got them rolling all of a sudden
heavy hitters started joining my team
because I had a system for helping their
team duplicate.

Before long, I had an ever replenishing
ad budget of $10,000+ per month plus,
and ...

I even figured out a way to run our team
co-op that allowed me to build an
additional 10,000 subscriber list that
regularly generated $10,000 per month in
additional revenue.

I was unstoppable.

My confidence ...

Through the roof.

That's how I met Kim.

One night I was out at a club in the
best of moods and thats where I spotted
her on the dance floor.

Without think go over and spark up a
conversation and that's all she wrote.

Now she's my wife.

My father, seeing that I've finally made
all this crazy stuff work, AND that I've
got my life in order regains respect and
now ...

He couldn't be prouder.

Faster forward 2 years from the date I
join that business and I'm earning some
$8,500 residually from my business, a
team of 8,000+, and I've got all the
other income streams mentioned above.

I'm on top of the world.

And then right when it seemed as if life
couldn't get any better ...

It happens.

In year 3# the company I had leveraged
to change my life goes out of business,
and I lose everything.

And it's there that I make the biggest
mistake I've ever made.

Tomorrow we'll end this tale with a
lesson you won't soon forget.

Don't miss it.



Chapter 1: Why Reading This Might Make 
You Dumber (1 of 5) 

Wanna know the dumbest thing I've ever
done with my online biz?

I'd probably been online for about a
year at that point, and thats when I
started making some really bad

Like one time, I took all my money out
of savings and put it into this online
currency called eGold to invest in this
thing called a HYIP.

It promised 8% per day return and it
was just TOO good to resist.

And if that wasn't enough ...

I was burning through AT LEAST another
$500 per month on credit cards buying
leads to "recruit" into some biz opp.

I was an idiot. 

It's no surprise that a few months down
the road I was teetering on the verge of
personal and professional disaster.

My relationship with my father ... 


My girlfriend of 3 years ...

Walked out on me.

All the money I had transferred from
savings to eGold ...


I had over $7,000 in credit card debt 
that I had no way to pay it back.

No money.

No family.

No support.

And I had no one to blame but myself.

How had I been such a sucker?

Then ... 

One day I saw this subject line in
my email inbox:

"Daegan you can make a living online."

"Yeah right - Another lie." I thought.

I wanted to throw my computer out of the
window, but ...

In a moment of clarity, I realized I
couldn't because it was my work computer
and ...

The ONLY thing I did have left was my
job (even though I despised it).

So I figured ..

"What's one more bad decision at this
point?" and opened the email.

Inside I see an ad for a $500 course. 

Ever gullible ...

I clinched my jaw, typed in my credit
card number, and "poofed" away another
$500 into oblivion.

Somewhere in the middle of that $500 
course is where I found it something.

Sitting there in plain sight.

One sentence is really all it was. 

Within 3 months of reading it, I had not
only replaced my income from my full
time job, but somehow ...

I had rekindled my relationship with my

I found and started a new relationship
with the woman I am now married to.

Instead of having multiple streams of
debt, I had an average of 5 - 9
checks hitting my mailbox a month.

I eliminated my credit card debt. 

And somehow I had gone from being an
isolated looser to being heralded as a
leader and an inspiration.

This one sentence is all it took.

Tomorrow I'll share it with you.



Chapter 2: This One Sentence Is All It 
Took (2 of 5)

Last time I shared with you how I almost
lost everything.

Not just my money or my business, but

My relationship of 3 years and the
respect of my father.

Drowning in debt and utterly isolated an
email no different than the one you're
reading right now "appeared" in my email

It read "Daegan you can make a living

Opening that email and deciding to take
one more stupid chance changed

See ...

That email was an ad for a $500 course
that I decided to purchase with money I
didn't have.

Hidden in the middle was one sentence
that changed everything.

Within months of reading that system not
only had I ...

Eliminated all my debt.

Spawned multiple streams of income.

Created more in revenue from my online
business than I was earning on my J.O.B.
(Just Over Broke), but ...

As if by magic or some twist of fate I
had regained the respect of my father,
and ...

Started a new relationship with a woman
I would go onto marry.

It's at this point, before I share with
you what that one sentence was that I'd
like to stop to emphasize this one thing

No matter how down in the dumps you are.

There is always a way out.

And once you walk that path you will
know to your core that all those
experiences that proceeded your triumph
were simply trials.

Test to prove you were willing to do
whatever it took to achieve what so few


And this one sentence is the key to it

"Focus all your attention on solving one
problem and you will gain great power in
both business and life."

As simple as it seems it has the power
to change your life and financial

How I will share tomorrow in explicit
detail, but for now you MUST realize

IF you are failing it is not for your
lack of effort.

In truth ...

You are likely trying to hard.

You are likely sacrificing too much.

Tomorrow I will share with what to solve
and exactly how if you'd like you
eliminate money as a problem from your
life forever.


P.S. Get ready ... Tomorrow's episode
will be a long one and one to save and
print off, save, and review often.


Chapter 3: Problem Solved (3 of 5)

When I started online I was like a
selfish kid in a candy store.

All I could see was bountiful
opportunity to be plundered in all

And for years I set out like that kid,
arms outstretched grabbing anything and
everything I could and NOT thinking for
a second what the repercussions would

For it, I almost destroyed myself.

Thinking with the mindset of a consumer
will destroy you as well.

Likely, if you're sizing up
opportunities to strike gold online,
you're comparing one opportunity with
the next, trying them all on for size,
and ...

You're getting no where other than
digging deep whole in your wallet it's
solely because of this consumer mindset.

In your business you are NOT the
consumer you ARE the store owner.

the first time that reality was put
squarely before me was when I read this
once sentence I shared with you

"Focus all your attention on solving one
problem and you will gain great power in
both business and life."

It made me for the first time start to

Like the type you likely have bouncing
around in your head right now.

"What problem should I solve?"

"If I was to solve a problem what
problem would stand to make me the most
and bring me the most success for the
least amount of effort?"

And the answer I came up with lead to
even better question, a LOT of success,
and ultimately the dumbest thing I ever

For now, I'll leave that "dumbest
mistake" for tomorrow because I have a
feeling, once revealed in proper context
it will hit you like a ton of bricks the
way it did me.

For now though ...

Let me share with you how one sentence,
one problem, asking questions, and
taking the right actions changed me from
an employee to financially free.

This ...

You're going to want to take notes on.

Here's the problem I set out to solve ...

I was in the home business arena because
I wanted to grow a large organization in
a home business and reap the rewards of
leveraged residual income.

I had paid thousands I didn't have on
training that didn't help and leads that
didn't convert.

The biggest mystery in the world to me
was how to actually get people to join
my little home business, because I knew
the answer wasn't effort ...

Every waking moment I had available to
me was spent on trying to do that one

My biggest problem was recruiting, and
here's what I figured after I read that
little sentence ...

"If I could just figure out how to
recruit people then that solution would
be of immense value to a lot of other
people because I knew I couldn't be the
only person with that problem."

It turned out I was right, but "HOW" I
got there is where all the value is for
you, so focus in.

As soon as I specified what the problem
that I MUST solve was then I was able to
ask questions like ...

"Why can't I recruit?"

"What are my weaknesses as far as
recruiting is concerned?"

"What could I do to overcome those

"If I could overcome those weaknesses
then what else would I need to create
the level of success that would give me
complete freedom in my life through this

You should be asking yourself these same
types of questions for your biggest
problems because ultimately the answers
where you will find your turning point

Here's what I came up with ...

I can't recruit because I suck and
selling on the phone and my weakness is
that I am not sales person and never
will be.

The only thing I could think to do to
overcome this weakness was to remove
myself from the selling portion of my
business and put someone or something
else in place for that specific function
in my business.

Ultimately I decided that I would be
best to have a system do this "heavy
lifting" for me because then those that
came after me could leverage that system
as well.

Well, what would the "ultimate
recruiting system" look like? - Another
good question.

I didn't know the answer, so I did what
I think we'd all do ...

I did some research.

I looked around the internet to find
what was selling well online and "sales
systems" those successful businesses
were using.

And as I found different examples from
different niches I looked specifically
at what those different sales systems
had in common.

I deduced that those core similarities
that were universal would be the same
thing that would ultimately be my
salvation as well.

I created a list of all of the aspects
that I would need to succeed so that for
the first time ever I now had perfect
clarity on what I'd need to solve my
biggest problem.

Next ...

My mind served me another question "Is
there as system out there that has all
of the core aspects I need?"

I didn't know.

I did know that I would either have to
find one or created one, but ...

Even before I would address this
question I had one more question I
needed clarity on.

"What would I need to do once I had that

The answer ...

My function, my responsibility in this
new equation for success, would now
transfer to me being the deliverer of
quality traffic.

And knowing that was the last piece of
the puzzle.

Questions and clear answers give any man
or woman great power.

These questions and these answers
ultimately gave me complete and utter

Your answers will do the same for you.

You might be wondering what happened?


So much in fact, that I've decided to
break down todays lesson into two parts.

This afternoons lesson is about to blow
you mind AND give you a complete
blueprint of building any home business
fast and large.

With nothing left to chance.


Join Him Here

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